2013 Finalists

Congratulations to these artists whose work will now be showcased in our 2013 Exhibition.
Anne Fleming   Survivor
Barry Wemyss   Benbonyath
Barry Singleton   Jar
Brian Keyte   Impact Bowl
Christopher Headley   Imagine That...
Claus Bredow   The Bridge
Craig Edwards   Memories of sky #2
Danielle Bryant   Cocoon 1
Dean Simpson   Fluorescent
Dean Smith   Autumn Frost II
Dianne Coulter   Green Pod
Georgia  Harvey   Sunspot bowl
Greg Daly   First Light
Heather King   Urban Landscape
Honor Freeman   Flood tide
Iriana Kanellopoulou   Her name was Lola
Johanna DeMaine   Silence
John Eagle   Vulcan
John Ferguson   Maria
John O'Loughlin Festive Float #2, 2013. What Makes It Go series
Johneen Wood   Musicians
Kate Edwards   The Storyteller
Katherine Mahoney   Metallic Earth Trio
Kaye Poulton   Blue Green Angel
Keiko Matsui   Mother and Child
Kevin  Boyd   Pink Earth
Kim Tarpey   The Angels of Re enactment
Klaus Gutowski   Carbon Tribe
Leanne Barbaro   Landscape Dreaming
Maria Chatzinikolaki   Fibril
Marlize Myburgh   Zero One
Megan Puls   Mangrove
Mojgan Habibi   Rebirth
Mollie Bosworth   Fragmentation
Petrus Spronk   Forest Whispers
Rachel Cramer   Fragmented Impressions
Rowena Hannan   'Sisters'
Ruby Pilven   Golden Opportunity…Lost
Samantha Varian   Veils V
Sarah Hudson   Twin Bead Necklace Series in Black & White
Sharyn Dingeldei   Dura Mater
Sian Thomas   Stalagmites & Stalactites
Steve Drew   Horseman
Susan Frost   Study in grey, yellow and white
Ted Secombe   Satin Matt Pod Form
Tina Lee   Recalling Materiality
Yoko Ozawa   Yakan

Date posted: 23 Aug 2013