Past Awards

2017 Clunes Ceramic Awards - prize winners

Winner $10,000:

Vanessa Lucas, Pearl Jugs

Commendation Award:

Cathy Franzi, Volcanic Plains, Flax Lily with Orchid

Recognition Awards:

Mollie Bosworth, Fragmentation

Diana Williams, The Bearer

Phillipa A Taylor, Weave Bowl

People's Choice Award:

Vipoo Srivalasa, Hmi Buddha (Bear Blossom)

2015 Clunes ceramic award –prize winners.

Winner $10,000 - Prue Venables - Black Oval Vessel & Spoon

Peoples' Choice Award  -  Belinda Winkler - Darkening #6

Recognition awards for high quality work

Full Parallel Productions Award - Belinda Winkler - Darkening #6

Walkers Ceramics Award - Maree Santilla - The Velveteen Rabbit

Potters Equipment Award - Kirk Winter - Thinking of Echizen and Onggi at the Bombala Monastry

Clunes Ceramic Award 2013

The winner of the 2013 Clunes Ceramic Award was Dean Smith for his work,  Autumn Frost II.

Emerging Artist's Awards were presented to:

Sarah Hudson for her work Twin Bead Necklace Series in Black

 Keiko Matsui for Mother and Child and 

Maria Chatzinikolaki for Fibril.

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Clunes Ceramic Award 2011

The winner of the 2011 Clunes Ceramic Award was Phil Elson for his work, In the Shadow of Gehry's Golden Fish. Phil Elson's work was be acquired by the Castlemaine Art Gallery and Historical Museum for the Permanent Collection.

A High Commendation was presented to Irianna Kanellopoulou for her works Berry Boy and The General.

Emerging Artist's Awards were presented to Ruby Pilven for her work Confinement (Archive), Leanne Barbaro for Innner Peace and Cinda Stevens for her work Floe. The work of Cinda Stevens and Leanne Barbaro will also be acquired by the Art Gallery of Ballarat for the Permanent Collection.

The People's Choice Award winner is Sophy Blake for her work Conversations.

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Clunes Ceramic Award 2010

The winner of the 2010 Clunes Ceramic Award was Neville French for his work, Mungo light 3. 

Neville French's work was be acquired by the Ballarat Art Gallery for the Permanent Collection.

A High Commendation was presented to Phil Elson for his work, In the Brooding Colours of the Late Afternoon Across the Basque

Emerging Artist's Awards were presented to Amy Kennedy for her work Vibration Series and to Jane Watson for Lost and Found.

The People's Choice Award winner is Kim-Anh Nguyen for her work, Spinifex Family.

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